I contacted Details for advice on tattoo removal. I had previously had my tattoo removed through other clinics on 20 plus occasion with all sessions being painful and 4 week recovery time. My tattoo was heavily scarred from previous treatments and my skin was damaged and beyond what I thought could be treated further. My consultation was with Nadia she was experienced and gave me complete confidence that Details could remove my tattoo completely within the paid treatments and what a bonus anything after the paid treatments was free till completion. I commenced treatment immediately after a test patch was done and was treated 8 times. My tattoo was fully removed and my scarring was treated in the process too. All round I was completely satisfied with the treatment and professionalism on every single visit. Details offered the most advance treatment the Picoway machine was non invasive and almost painless. It was fast my treatment was completed in seconds with no down time. I would highly recommend Details not only for Tattoo removal.