Sydney Laser Tattoo Removal Price List

Tattoo Size (up to)Single
(Regular Price)
(Save 50%)
25cm2  (5cm x 5cm)300150
75cm2 500280
300cm2 (1/2 of A4)990495
600cm2 (A4)1300650
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How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost in Sydney?

Our Sydney laser tattoo removal prices (single session) range from just $125 (5cm2), up to $1300 (600cm2). Eden offers discounts on treatments when purchased in packages – this will all be covered in detail by your clinician, during your initial consultation.

When looking at the cost of laser tattoo removal in Sydney or if you are comparing Sydney laser tattoo removal pricing, you must take into account the type of tattoo removal machine used and the total number of tattoo removal sessions a clinic will charge you.

At Eden Tattoo Removal we use the PicoWay tattoo removal machine a Picosecond device. Here are two articles comparing the PicoWay to the PicoSure device and Discovery Pico devices. In these articles are important considerations when comparing the cost of your treatment:

The next group of devices are older devices called nanosecond or Nd:YAG Q-Switched devices. These devices usually need a lot more treatments spaced at longer intervals. This is a good article to read before committing to older style tattoo removal in a cheaper clinic – The Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal – PicoWay Vs Nanosecond.

While some tattoo removal clinics may offer you a lower price per treatment, the overall number of treatments required can result in you spending more money than you initially expected. This is why we advise you on the total number of expected treatments upfront – during your initial consultation – so you can move forward with more confidence as to how much you’ll pay for tattoo removal.

Tattoo Removal Costs – Examples

Are There Cheaper Alternatives to Laser Tattoo Removal?

When trying to save money on tattoo removal treatment, some people will search for “DIY kits” and home remedies. Others will look for the cheapest Sydney laser tattoo removal clinic they can find, without considering the risks of doing so.

Unfortunately there are many tattoo removal myths online that suggest you can effectively remove your tattoo for less cost by using tattoo removal creams. In our experience, this method – nor any other besides laser – has never been scientifically proven to get rid of tattoos.

At the same time, the problems with cut-price laser tattoo removal services are regularly making the global news. Reports such as infection, scarring and other negative impacts to the client’s skin are commonplace. If there is any silver lining to situation, it would be that such incidents increase consumer awareness of the dangers associated with laser tattoo removal when it is performed by inexperienced clinicians, or via outdated technology.

Put simply – tattoo removal is not something you want to risk by “going cheap”. What you may save initially may end up costing much more down the track! As they say, “buy cheap, pay twice”.

Get the Best Price on Laser Tattoo Removal in Sydney

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  • Match any written quote on equivalent single or series price from PicoWay or similar Picosecond Laser (Picosure)