Top 10 Reasons For Laser Tattoo Removal

Top 10 reasons for laser tattoo removal in SydneyEveryone has their own reasons for wanting to go under the laser to remove or fade their tattoo(s). For some, life has taken a new course, for others it’s to improve job prospects. Whatever the reason, it’s what the dedicated team at Eden Tattoo Removal work with every day – understanding, compassion and the best service available is what you’ll be greeted with.

In this article we list the top 10 reasons for laser tattoo removal.



#1 – You’re getting married

The big day is approaching and you’ve decided that the peacock on the back of your shoulder isn’t the best look for your wedding photos. You know that no amount of make-up is going to cover it, so you decide to go with safe and effective tattoo removal using the PicoWay laser.

#2 – Joining the armed forces

You might be affected by the new ‘no tattoo’ policies that have come into force for some of the armed forces so you need to have your tattoo removed asap.

#3 – You want to improve your job prospects

Maybe you’ve been unemployed for a while and you’ve had comments on your tattoos, so you’ve decided it’s time for a change. Or, maybe you’re looking at a new career path and you want to give it your best shot.

#4 – To improve your chances of promotion

A potential promotion is in sight but you know (well you’ve got a pretty good idea) they aren’t keen on your tattoos – so you decide to do something about it – you choose a nice juicy payrise and a better job over your beloved tattoos.

#5 – Your tattoo has lost significance

At one point in your life, you loved your tattoo and what it meant to you/ reminded you of. Now, it doesn’t have the same meaning/ doesn’t make you feel the same and you want it gone.

#6 – You have a family now

Have you had the kids try to wash off your ‘stamp’? Have the kids drawn on themselves and stated proudly “I’m going to get a tattoo when I’m older”? The majority of parents prefer their children to not have tattoos, so you’ve decided to set the example.

#7 – Doing it for your partner

Does your partner hate your tattoos? If you’ve decided to appease your partner and have your tattoo(s) removed, we can help with the fastest and best technology – the PicoWay laser.

#8 – You only got it for rebellious reasons

Lots of people we treat only got their tattoo to annoy their parents. If you’ve outgrown your tattoo and the reason for it, come and see us for a free consultation.

#9 – To remove the name of an ex

You were so in love at the time, but now it’s over and you need that name gone, for good! Our laser has very precise control, allowing for just sections (eg. a name) to be removed without damaging the rest of the tattoo.

#10 – To make space for a new tattoo

Tired of your old tattoo and want to make a clear space for a new design, or just fade it enough to get re-inked? We can discuss what you are trying to achieve in your free consultation.


Our PicoWay laser is the latest generation Picosecond laser for safe and effective laser tattoo removal. It allows us to treat all skin types, all tattoo colours in the shortest time possible, with the shortest recovery time between treatments.



The first step is for you to do your research, you might already know that the PicoWay is the leading Picosecond tattoo removal device in Sydney. You can download our free consumer guide to tattoo removal for further information or book a free consultation by clicking on the button below, or call our friendly team on 02 8020 5819.