The Top 5 Questions People Ask About Laser Tattoo Removal

Top 5 questions tattoo removalWe have removed or faded hundreds of tattoos in Sydney and we’ve noticed that people come to see us for one of two reasons – they don’t like the tattoo anymore and want it gone, or they love their tattoo but want a blank canvas for a new tattoo / want it faded to update the design. If you have been considering getting your tattoo removed or faded, you probably have a few questions.

This article provides answers to the most frequent-asked questions about laser tattoo removal. If you would rather speak to our friendly team to have your questions answered you can call us now on 02 8020 5819 or click on the button below to book your free consultation to have all of your questions answered.


Pain tolerance is different for different people and depends on how large an area you are having treated.  In general, you can expect the laser treatment to take less time and be less painful than getting the tattoo. The pain can be described as similar to an elastic band flicking the skin. An anaesthetic cream to numb the area before treatment can be used if the pain is difficult to tolerate. The good news is with the PicoWay Laser system we use, the treatments are faster and heal quicker.



The number of treatments will vary depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo and a number of other factors. The average number of treatments needed to achieve total clearance with the PicoWay Laser is 4-6.



The cost of treatment is variable and depends on many factors, like skin type, location of tattoo, colour of pigment, amount of ink used and the presence of scarring or tissue damage. The number of treatments required also depends on the laser used. The PicoWay laser is more efficient at removing tattoos, so even though the cost per treatment may be higher than a traditional laser, usually only 4-6 PicoWay treatments are needed, compared to 5-15 treatments required with a traditional laser so the final cost is very similar with added benefit that PicoWay really works. Come in for a free consultation and we can provide you with a cost estimate.