The Little Known Facts About Tattoos

Tattoo facts in SydneyAs a form of permanent self-expression, tattoos help to define individuality and are now a thoroughly ingrained aspect of our culture. The first tattoos date back to around 6,000 BC, so they’re nothing new, however today their popularity has exploded and the general acceptance of them has improved (to a degree).


Nevertheless, these decorative markings on your skin come with a price….and I’m not just talking about the price of the tattoo. If you’ve already got a tattoo, there are some things that you may not have known about tattoos, but wished you had. In this article, we discuss the top 3 things that most people don’t know about tattoos.



1) The real reason why tattoos fade over time

The ink that is injected into the dermis (the second layer of skin) to create a tattoo is seen as a foreign body and your immune system goes into attack mode. Your lymphatic system is put under stress as your body sends out specialised cells to locate, digest and clear the foreign body (the ink). Tattoos fade over time as new cells in the dermis replace older ones and your body’s immune system perpetually tries to break down the ink.

2) Tattoos influence job opportunities

A popular reason for people wanting laser tattoo removal is because their body art is negatively impacting their job opportunities. Across industries, the acceptance of tattoos will vary greatly, but in today’s competitive landscape, most businesses won’t risk losing business based on what their employees look like. Business are well within their rights to make a hiring or promotion decision based on a person’s tattoos, as long as it’s not classed as discriminatory (ie related to race, culture or religion for example). The job will simply be offered to someone else. To be safe, you should be able to cover your tattoo(s) for work if you need to.

3) Love often turns to regret

The majority of people love their tattoo(s) when they first get them and the excitement of getting a new tattoo often clouds judgement when considering the future implications. Especially when the tattoo is in a highly visible position, what happens when the tattoo is poor quality, loses its meaning or has the name of an ex? No one can predict the future, but we see far too often that once loved tattoos can turn to regret and at worst, can impact confidence and self-esteem.



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