Tattoos and Relationships

Tattoos & relationshipsWhen a new craze comes around, lots of people get into it. Trends become embedded into a nation’s psyche, although they can also create divisiveness. Some people relish a new experience, while others resist, preferring tradition or familiarity. From skateboards to hula-hoops, new dance moves or fashion; everyone has a preference. But what about a craze such as tattooing? It is, after all, something that has been practised worldwide for thousands of years, by many cultures, and in almost every nation. Are we entitled to become prejudiced? Should we even be allowed to have an opinion regarding the personal choice of someone else?

Regardless of personal preference, the reality is that tattoos do affect other people. An aversion to tattoos may be noticed in rejection by a potential employer, leading to a need for laser tattoo removal. The wearer, although a law abiding citizen, may be viewed with distrust or suspicion even on an innocent shopping outing. A large space will be cleared for a group of tattooed people enjoying a picnic in the park. It seems everywhere you go these days, there will be a number of people sporting tattoos, often of graphic nature. And there will be an equally large number of people wary of them.

The rise in tattoo popularity has created heated debate: the have’s and have not’s if you wish. There is of course a third group of tattoo agnostics who remain uncertain in their feelings toward tattoos, caught between the world of comfortable tradition, and a desire to be just a little rebellious. Everyone likes to stand out as an individual, and a tattoo is a sure-fire way of creating an impression. But are there situations where body art is not just an individual decision, but a shared one? What about relationships? Can a tattoo come between two people in love?

Love & Tattoos

Below are excerpts from people conflicted by love for their partner, yet turned off by tattoos:

“I love him so much and can’t bear the thought of being without him, however if he does get a tattoo, then it would put a huge strain on our relationship. I’m still not exactly sure why it bothers me as much as it does, and it upsets me that he won’t even discuss the possibility of him not getting a tattoo or how it effects the people around him”

“She had one tattoo when we started dating. Getting over it was hard enough for me. About 3 months ago she said I’m getting another tattoo. I got upset and begged her not to get one. That wasn’t the simple girl I fell in love with. Now her entire family are calling me a control freak.”

“Something about tattoos disturbs me. I can’t change the way I feel. I wish I didn’t care. It would be easier that way. I either accept it somehow and keep my mouth shut, or fight her on it and compromise our harmony.”

Talking it Out

A lack of acceptance of a tattoo can seem selfish. So can getting a tattoo against your partners wishes. The deal with relationships is that you now exist as a part of “us” in addition to being a “me”. Relationships often require unilateral decisions affecting both people. A responsible approach is to consult your partner when facing an important decision. A lack of consultation is guaranteed to marginalize the relationship.

The choice to have an offending tattoo removed for the sake of a relationship isn’t a sign of weakness. It can be a sign of love and commitment; emotions that require more strength than most of us like to acknowledge. Fortunately for those in a committed relationship, tattoo removal is now easy, cost effective, and remarkably, leaves little or no reminder of the tattoo.

Q-Switched laser is a Sydney tattoo removal specialist’s platform of choice today, far excelling outdated methods. Clinicians utilising Candela AlexTriVantage are able to eliminate tattoo ink over the least amount of sessions possible. FDA approved clinics are the recommended removalist’s of choice.

Before you (or your partner) walk out the door one last time, approach a qualified tattoo removal specialist, talk about your concerns, and then make an educated choice. After all, being an individual can also include doing what is needed for the sake of a committed, loving relationship.