Tattoo Removal – Consumer Scarring Warning

Consumer warning for tattoo removalAt Eden Tattoo Removal Specialist we are hearing with increasing frequency, beauty clinics marketing acid injections or IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments as a cheap tattoo removal option. If you have been considering acid injections or IPL to have your tattoo removed, you need to be aware of the following.

You may have seen in the media the horrific scarring some patients have experienced from the acid tattoo removal technique and a health warning has been issued against its use. IPL machines are often marketed as “all purpose” however they are not designed as tattoo removal devices and are very dangerous in the wrong hands, causing skin damage when used inappropriately (for tattoo removal).

At Eden Tattoo Removal, the laser tattoo removal specialists in Sydney, we use the PicoWay, a medical grade laser that is FDA approved for tattoo removal. In this article, we talk about the serious concerns over “dodgy” tattoo removal.



Acid tattoo removal is when acid is injected into the tattoo, in the same manner as getting a tattoo. This technique causes the skin to scab and the theory is that the ink will be removed when the scab falls off. The acid is injected in circles, so what we are seeing is patients seriously scarred in spots throughout their tattoo. The scarring can be so severe that surgery is needed. There is also a high risk of infection due to the damaged tissue.

A Health Warning has been issued against acid tattoo removal in Queensland – read the full story here. ABC News posted “Queensland’s chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young has warned of serious complications from acid tattoo removal and says new laws may be needed to regulate the technique.” Patients have reported severe burns and scarring as well as infections and the risk of changes in skin pigmentation.



IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and has become a common procedure in the beauty industry. Unfortunately, as the tattoo removal industry is widely unregulated, cheap machines (IPL machines can generally be purchased for $10,000 – $15,000) have been acquired by inexperienced operators who are wanting to make quick money, with little focus on the customer or their health.

According to the Australian Government, Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, the light from IPL is “not as targeted and specific as with lasers. Therefore it produces more generalised effects on the skin, such as improvement in some forms of brown and red discolouration. Because of this reduced specificity, compared with lasers, it is sometimes impossible to produce only one effect on the skin thereby producing either side-benefits or undesired side effects.” Meaning that you risk a poor outcome and adverse side effects when using IPL for tattoo removal.


Laser tattoo removal is undoubtedly the safest option for your tattoo removal.

At Eden Tattoo Removal, we use the PicoWay laser for the best in laser tattoo removal treatment. It is FDA cleared for treating tattoos, it precisely targets the tattoo ink and with its superior performance, shatters ink into tinier particles, making it easier and faster for your body to clear.



The PicoWay is the latest generation Picosecond laser tattoo removal device. It allows Eden Tattoo Removal to treat all tattoo colours in the shortest time possible, with the shortest recovery time between treatments.

5 Key Advantages of PicoWay Tattoo Removal System:

– Shortest picosecond pulses – 40%-50% shorter pulses than other Picosecond laser systems, meaning highly effective treatments with more photoacoustic effect and minimal tissue damage.
– Highest peak power – energy shatters the ink into miniscule fragments achieving average tattoo removal in 4 to 6 months.
– Dual wavelengths – 2 highly effective wavelengths (1064 nm & 532 nm) in one picosecond system to treat all tattoo colours and skin types
– Able to treat fresh tattoos after the skin heals
– Less pain than a Nanosecond laser



The best way to have your tattoo assessed is by a qualified clinician. At Eden Tattoo Removal we offer a free tattoo removal consultation where we can give you personalised information for you and your tattoo. From this, you will know how many treatments are needed, a written quote with cost and specific information you will need to follow before, during and after your treatment.

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