Warning Signs You Chose The Wrong Tattoo Removal Clinic

Warning signs chose wrong tattoo removal clinicThis may surprise you, tattoo removal is one industry where consumers are not protected. If you’ve had laser tattoo removal before and never went back, or if you’ve lost count of the number of treatments you’ve had because you’re not getting a result, you need to read this.

Not getting a result is bad enough…..your skin being damaged to cause scarring, blisters and excessive bleeding is inexcusable. When you pay for laser treatment, you expect to get a good result and you should. Your skin is your largest organ and it needs to be respected. Unfortunately due to the lack of regulation regarding laser tattoo removal in NSW, consumers are not protected. Therefore, you need to be much more diligent when choosing your clinic.




Blisters should not result after each treatment. Blisters mean too much fluence (or energy) has been used and excessive heat has been absorbed by the tissue. This results in surface and sub-dermal scarring. Expert operators understand the correct protocols to set the right amount of energy to get the exact results and no more. Unprofessional operators turn up the fluence beyond what is required and cause more damage than benefit.

Bleeding after treatment

Laser tattoo removal should not cause excessive bleeding after each treatment. Pin point bleeding means the epidermal layer of the skin has been compromised and this means increased chances of infection. Infection then leads to scarring. A professional clinic should also dress the tattoo post treatment to create a barrier from potential infection. The clinic should not let you walk out with a bleeding wound.

Scarring after treatment

A scar should not be left post tattoo clearance. Safe and professional tattoo removal means the skin is left undamaged with the tattoo ink cleared. Any scarring that occurs post treatment means the clinic has over treated with incorrect parameters or used a laser that wasn’t designed for tattoo removal. Law suits that have been awarded to patients that have been scarred by unprofessional operators.

Operator not Qualified

You should ask if the person operating the laser is a qualified skin therapist, nurse or doctor. In NSW any person can purchase a laser and open a tattoo removal business and start charging for treatments. If the operator hasn’t studied for years to be qualified they do not understand skin science and also how the skin responds to lasers. You are taking a risk with a person who has very little training using a potentially dangerous medical device.

Operator unable to provide before & after images

Ask the clinic for before and after images. The best images will be in series of treatments over time. This shows the clinic has done the treatments themselves. Do not accept just 1 before and 1 after that has can be downloaded from manufacturer websites or brochures.

Laser System plugged into a household power point

32 AMP IP66 MALE PLUGCheck that the laser system is plugged into a commercial 32amp power point (see adjacent image). If it is plugged into a domestic power point then the system was most likely purchased over the internet from a Chinese supplier. These machines don’t have have enough energy to shatter tattoo pigment. Chinese copies of laser machines can be purchased for $6,000 whereas a PicoWay costs over $300,000. It is impossible to treat tattoos with the wrong laser system.

Cheap price with no guaranteed number of treatments

Beware clinics that are offering cheap prices. You always get what you pay for. Many clients have been caught going for low price tattoo removal treatments only to find they get very little result. The reason is the laser system was not designed for tattoo removal or the operator is using low fluence to increase the number of treatments so you are paying more in the long run.

At Eden Tattoo Removal we offer Zip Money Payment Plans:

  • 6 Months Interest Free for tattoos under $10,000
  • 12 Months Interest Free for tattoos over $10,000
  • Easy finance within 10 minutes.



We strongly advise you to research and visit a few clinics before making your final decision on the clinic you choose to perform your treatment. Price should only form a small part of why you choose the clinic. Professionalism, honesty and expert advice is as important, if not more important. If you choose the cheapest price it often becomes an expensive mistake in the long term.

Reasons to choose Eden Tattoo Removal

  • Eden clinicians are Syneron-Candela and Laser Safety Officer Certified
  • Eden clinicians are all qualified skin therapist.
  • Extensive expert training on models before performing treatment on clients
  • Eden clinicians understand skin response and device parameters to achieve the Maximum Effective Threshold to ensure each treatment has results
  • Ongoing clinical training with industry expert medical practitioners
  • Client care and education during consultation, treatment and post-treatment
  • PicoWay is the leading tattoo removal technology
  • Price match to ensure you get the best pricing
  • Finance options available



For laser tattoo removal with professionalism, honesty and expert advice there’s only one choice – Eden Tattoo Removal. We offer a complimentary consultation so you can have your tattoo assessed, ask any questions that you have a receive a quote backed by our tattoo removal treatment guarantee.

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