Impact Of Tattoos In The Corporate Workplace

Eden tattoos in workplaceThese days everyone seems to have a tattoo. With tattoos becoming more and more mainstream, you may not even think twice before getting yourself inked, but when it comes to the workplace, visible tattoos may be impacting your opportunities more than you know.

In this article we discuss the stigma associated with tattoos in the workplace and options for tattoo removal if you want to put your career progression first.



There are definitely “levels” of acceptability when it comes to tattoos in the corporate workplace with many organisations having set policies for tattoos. Hand, neck and face tattoos won’t even get you an offer for an interview, let alone the actual job in some corporate workplaces. Full sleeves and leg tattoos may be ok if they can be covered but if a (potential) employer knows you have a tattoo or multiple tattoos, they are likely to make a judgement, whether it’s conscious or not. The best tattoos in the workplace are ones that can be easily covered and nobody will ever know are there.

When it comes to tattoos at work, most employers and hiring managers still take a dim view on visible tattoos due to the fact that older generations are likely to be a large proportion of business and tattoos weren’t as acceptable then as they are today. The opinions of customers are taken into account when setting a dress code or tattoo policy.

Employers and hiring managers are well within their rights to make a hiring or promotion decision based on someone’s tattoos as long as their decision isn’t discriminatory. In order to give your promotion or job opportunities the best chance, you may be considering tattoo removal.



There are various options when it comes to tattoo removal, however many don’t work, or worse, will leave you with scarring. We have seen in the media the dangers of acid injections and IPL lasers in the wrong hands. Surgery will leave scarring and dermabrasion is ineffective as it can’t get deep enough through the epidermis to get to the dermal layer where the ink is.

The only safe and effective option for tattoo removal is laser tattoo removal and the PicoWay is the market leading laser.



At Eden Tattoo Removal removal specialists Sydney, we use the PicoWay laser for the best in laser tattoo removal treatment. It is FDA cleared for treating tattoos, it precisely targets the tattoo ink and with its superior performance, shatters ink into tinier particles, making it easier and faster for your body to clear. It is effective on all tattoo colours and all skin types.

If you want to improve your career prospects and chances of promotion, then come in for a free consultation to have your tattoos assessed by one of our tattoo removal specialists.



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