Painless Laser Tattoo Removal – Does It Exist?

Tattoo removal in Sydney with less painOne of the main reasons why people avoid having their unwanted tattoo(s) removed is the perception that it is painful. There certainly are painful and potentially dangerous methods for attempting to remove a tattoo including dermabrasion, salabrasion and q-switched laser removal, but what about the latest technology that makes customers comfort and safety a priority?

Any removal method that damages the skins’ surface is bound to lead to pain and scarring. At Eden Tattoo Removal we have seen time and time again the scarring people have suffered from painful tattoo removal methods. The way you start to remove a tattoo has a big impact on the end result. Laser tattoo removal removes ink from the skin, not scarring. We discuss why some methods are extremely painful and what makes the PicoWay laser the most comfortable way to remove or fade your tattoo.


Trauma to the skin will cause initial pain and can also lead to ongoing pain in the form of infection or the corrective surgery needed to improve the appearance of scarring.

Dermabrasion and salabrasion are both methods that remove the layers of skin above the tattoo attempting to get down to the tattoo ink. Salabrasion in particular is known to be excruciating and needs to be done multiple times. When the outer layer of skin is damaged, or “sanded” away, the natural defence mechanism that makes our skin so incredible is removed.  A scar is the natural wound repair response to this form of treatment. The worst thing about these techniques is that it doesn’t work as the wound can’t get to the ink and leaves most of the ink behind.

Q-switched laser tattoo removal is more popular than salabrasion or dermabrasion, however it is very painful. It works at a much slower speed than the PicoWay and these types of lasers can also produce a lot of heat which causes pain during treatment. Applying numbing cream before treatment and ice after will help but there have been many instances where people have had to stop during a session as they cannot handle the pain.



The PicoWay laser is the most comfortable laser tattoo removal option. It works at picosecond speed (a trillionth of a second) and the laser energy shatters the ink into the tiniest particles making it easier and faster for your body to clear the ink through its natural processes. You’ll spend less time under the laser and less time waiting between treatments.

The PicoWay is FDA cleared and is safe to use on all tattoo colours and all skin types. You could have your tattoo removed up to a year faster than other lasers. Think of it as the Bugatti of lasers.

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For the most comfortable laser tattoo removal in Sydney, book your complimentary consultation at Eden Tattoo Removal, Sydney’s tattoo removal experts. During your consultation you can discuss what you want to achieve – total clearance or just a fade and ask any questions that you have about the PicoWay laser or the treatment process.

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