Switching To PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal – Top Reasons

Eden PicowayIf you’ve suffered through the pain and repetition of Q-switch laser tattoo removal treatment, then it would be understandable if you’d given up on getting rid of your tattoo or if you decided to try another way. At Eden Tattoo Removal, laser tattoo removal specialists in Sydney, we have invested in the PicoWay laser which takes laser tattoo removal to the next level.

In this article, we outline the top three reasons why people give up their tattoo removal goals with a Q-switch laser and move to the PicoWay laser. We explain the PicoWay (picosecond) laser technology and how it works.


The PicoWay is FDA cleared for removing a wide range of tattoos, offering better results in fewer treatments for different skin types. We hear all kinds of reasons for why people come to us after having tried alternative laser tattoo removal, however the three most popular reasons are listed below.

1. Q-switch lasers too painful

If you’ve done your research, you’ll know that tattoo removal with a nanosecond or Q-switch laser is painful. It can feel like burning hot cooking fat splashing on your skin really fast, repeatedly.

2. Faster Results

The length of time it takes to remove a tattoo between a nanosecond (Q-switch) or picosecond (PicoWay) laser can vary by approximately one year. This is driven by the longer recovery time and therefore length or time between sessions required – generally 2-4 week intervals with the PicoWay versus 4-8 weeks with a nanosecond laser.

3. Better Clearance

The quality of your tattoo removal is dependent on the quality of the laser used. The PicoWay laser is the latest generation picosecond laser, developed to treat all tattoo colours on all skin types in the shortest possible time. The PicoWay laser breaks the tattoo ink down into much smaller particles, making it easier for your body to clear the ink.



Cost will always play a part when deciding on laser tattoo removal and as many of our customers have experienced, it can cost a lot more in the long run when repeated sessions are needed to remove the tattoo.

Although PicoWay is a superior device to the Q-Switch ND:YAG’s, Detail Tattoo Removal will match any clinic’s equivalent series pricing to remove a tattoo.


  • With its ultra-fast delivery of concentrated, high-power energy, PicoWay shatters even the tiniest ink particles making it easier for your body to clear the tattoo ink
  • The PicoWay uses unique picosecond (a trillionth of a second) laser technology to deliver fast, comfortable treatments
  • The PicoWay uses more photoacoustic effect, meaning the least amount of heat transfer to the skin. It precisely targets ink particles ensuring the ink is effectively treated and that the surrounding skin remains unharmed
  • Minimal discomfort – since PicoWay’s pulses are fast, you’ll feel minimal discomfort throughout the treatment
  • 4 to 6 months tattoo clearance (vs up to 18 months for alternative lasers)
  • 2 to 4 weeks between treatments (vs 6 to 8 weeks for alternative lasers)
  • Ability to treat fresh tattoos after the skin has healed



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