Sydney Laser Tattoo Removal – Lost in Translation

Tattoo removal lost in translationStatistics show the popularity of body art continues to rise. Over 25 percent of Australian’s under the age of 30 have at least one tattoo. Talented artists have entered the industry, many with fine arts training. There is an overall impression of improved artistic quality, with customer expectations high. Tattoos are featured in contemporary art exhibitions, mainstream culture, and are even the subject of coffee-table books. Reasons for getting a tattoo include an expression of individuality; a desire to feel more sexy; and wanting to be intriguing or interesting.

Unfortunately, not all tattoos are appreciated by employers, family, or in many cases the wearer themselves. Artists are not all created equal, and the results are plain to see, often leading to discrimination or embarrassment. Web sites abound depicting the unfortunate, and sometimes very amusing results of bad handiwork by inept tattoo artists. From clumsy amateur work, incorrect spelling, wrongly translated Chinese characters, to impossibly bad portrait reproduction, tattoo regret is on the rise, and with it laser tattoo removal in Sydney. Misunderstood tattoos have even resulted in the wearers being mistaken for gang members. In Osaka, Japan, where the notorious crime syndicate, the yakusza has much influence, tattoos are banned.

Quite often tattoos create divisive attitudes even between formerly close parents, children, and siblings. If suffering tattoo regret, you are not alone. Millions of people around the world feel the same way. As one disappointed customer lamented:

“It’s bad enough making a poor decision, and remembering it…having to look at a poor choice every time you look in the mirror can be downright torture.”

Having to face a bad decision daily can lead to poor self esteem. The upside is that everyone makes bad choices at one time or another, and it is counterproductive to perpetually admonish yourself, and a waste of time. There are measures that can be taken to diminish, and even reverse the regret of a bad tattoo.

Fortunately, modern tattoo removal technologies are a far cry from methods previously used. The removal of poor body art doesn’t need to result in scarring, skin pigmentation issues, or blistering that looks worse than the tattoo itself. In fact, quality FDA approved lasers work with the body in the elimination of ink particles. Specific lasers can even target individual ink colours. Pinpoint laser accuracy also provides the option for partial tattoo removal, especially useful for customers wanting to change lettering, or re-do inferior artwork.

Tattoos are gradually receiving acceptance even in white collar professions, but approval remains subject to preconceived conceptions, discrimination, and attitudes toward stereotypes. Often, people will dismiss tattoos as only suitable for prisoners, fisherman, or motorcycle gang members – or at best a misplaced rite of passage in young adulthood. Nevertheless, the days of colonial subjugation where tattoos were often seen as a heathen activity are long gone. In the present age of individual and collective expression plastered on billboards, T-shirts, and computer screens, it is not at all surprising to see body art at the forefront of self-expression.

Just as it is important to thoroughly research tattoo options prior to getting inked, it is also highly recommended prior to laser tattoo removal in Sydney. The rise of the tattoo industry has seen an increase in shoddy work alongside the brilliant. Conversely, genuinely qualified and talented tattoo removalists are being forced to compete with incompetent charlatans. It is important to firstly determine that the tattoo removalist is FDA approved. Those considering removal should visit an accredited clinician and discuss the procedure options. Only when fully satisfied that the clinician is capable of doing a first-class job should one go ahead and book the procedure. Rushing into getting a tattoo can result in tattoo regret. Don’t make the same mistake twice by rushing into tattoo removal before investigating options.