Latest Technology For Multi-Colour Tattoo Removal

Coloured tattoo removal SydneyThere is a lot of science behind removing a multi-coloured tattoo by laser. The reason why multi-coloured tattoos are far more difficult to remove than black tattoos is because different colours of ink pigment absorb different levels of energy before they shatter. Black is the easiest pigment to remove, because it is the darkest and absorbs the most energy. Green, blue and yellow are some of the most difficult. In the past, this has meant that multi-coloured tattoos required complicated (and costly) treatment regimes, using different lasers to treat different colours.

Now, with the latest advances in medical-grade lasers, specifically the PicoWay laser, we are able to effectively treat multiple colours at the same time and on all skin types.


One of the greatest advantages of the PicoWay laser for laser tattoo removal is that the safer short pulse length, combined with three different wavelengths (532nm, 785nm and 1064nm), is able to treat multiple colours at the same time. Before the tri-wavelength PicoWay, blue and green inks were two of the most difficult tattoo colours to remove.

The PicoWay boasts the first ever and only 785nm wavelength for picosecond laser, enabling optimal treatment for blue and green tattoos. The new wavelength, along with the existing 532 and 1,064nm wavelengths enhances the exceptional tattoo removal abilities of the PicoWay laser to safely and rapidly remove multi-coloured tattoos.

Another key advantage of the PicoWay is the shorter interval between treatments and fewer treatments needed. You will normally only need to wait 2-4 weeks between treatments, compared to around 6 weeks for alternative lasers. This means that you can have your tattoo removed faster, in approximately 6 months versus 18 months for alternative lasers.

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