Laser Tattoo Removal: Why Dodgy Operators Are So Dangerous

Danger of dodgy tattoo removalThere are literally hundreds of laser tattoo removal clinics across Australia, but not all of them are equal, as some people are finding out the hard way. There are different types of lasers which will give you varying results, but equally as important (if not more so), is the quality of the clinician who uses the laser.

Just like with cosmetic surgery, depending on the level of training and expertise of your surgeon, you will get dramatically different results. The same can be said for laser tattoo removal – the level of training, knowledge and expertise of the clinician or technician will dramatically affect your tattoo removal and the safety and quality of your treatment.


In January this year, there was a report in the media about a man who had suffered severe burns and life-changing tissue damage to his hands following the actions of a seemingly negligent clinician at a laser tattoo removal clinic. He was initially told he would require 10-12 treatment sessions to have the tattoos removed from his hands but after 15 sessions (at a cost of $170 each), he started asking questions. reports a quote from the injured man:

“I said ‘This has cost me a lot of money, why am I not getting the results?’ So she turned the laser machine right up, as high as it goes, and she said ‘This is the highest setting it can possibly go to’, and she cooked my hand.”

He suffered horrifying third degree burns, bleeding and excruciating pain. He suffered financially from not being able to work and as the skin was not able to heal due to the damage, it was constantly cracking and bleeding. He has been left with ‘chunks’ out of his skin and scarring.

Clearly, the clinician in this instance was inexperienced and dangerous behind a laser. Before you sign up for tattoo removal, know who you are dealing with – look at reviews, complaints, qualifications and how long they have been in the business.



Many dodgy tattoo removal clinics will use IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) for tattoo removal. Let’s get one thing clear – IPL is not a laser and should not be used for tattoo removal and it doesn’t break up the ink. The heat that IPL generates can cause significant tissue damage including burns, infection and scarring.

The PicoWay laser is different in that it was developed with the aim of being the best laser tattoo removal device. It fires the laser at a trillionth of a second and creates a shockwave (rather than heat) to shatter the ink into minuscule particles. The PicoWay is fast, powerful, can treat all colours as well as new tattoos, is safe to use on all skin types and treatment is more comfortable than Q-switched lasers.


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