How Your Tattoo Could Cost You Thousands

The latest tattoo trends include hip tattoos, inner arm tattoos, photorealistic (life-like) tattoos, tiny tattoos, script tattoos and geometric tattoos. Small tattoos on your hip are easy to cover but larger ones on arms, hands, legs or neck are difficult, if not impossible to conceal if required. Being able to openly express your individuality through permanent body art is a wonderful thing but it can have consequences. Your new photorealistic sleeve tattoo might be the envy of all your mates, but what is it really costing you?

In this article we discuss how your tattoo could cost you thousands, potentially tens of thousands, without you even knowing.



It’s true that tattoos have become much more mainstream than they used to be, that the stigma and prejudices attached to tattoos have faded somewhat but in business when it comes to the crunch, a tattoo can have a huge impact on your earnings.

Younger generations today have become relatively neutralised to tattoos, however there is still a huge chunk of the population that grew up with tattoos being adorned mainly by bikies and criminals. Think about that job you quoted on or that promotion you went for – if you didn’t land it and you have a visible tattoo, chances are your tattoo may have had an impact. The worst part is that many people subconsciously judge others so they may not even realise that they are being biased and therefore you will never know the truth.

An employer is within their rights to not offer you a promotion because of your tattoo(s) as long as their decision is not discriminatory.

Over time, the value of repeated lost opportunities can add up significantly. If you feel that your tattoo is having a negative impact on you earning potential and it’s not in a place that can be easily covered then laser tattoo removal could be an option.



The PicoWay is the leading laser tattoo removal device for the following reasons:

  • It’s the world’s fastest picosecond laser
  • It can remove your tattoo in 4 to 6 months versus around 1.5 years for alternative lasers
  • Only 2-4 weeks needed between treatments versus 4-10 weeks for alternative lasers
  • It can treat fresh tattoos
  • It can treat all colours
  • Safe to use on all skin types



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