How To Safely Remove A Tattoo – Laser Tattoo Removal

Safe tattoo removal SydneyOur skin is crucially important, it is our largest organ and it performs essential functions for our body. Therefore, it’s imperative that the right choice is made when deciding on tattoo removal options. At Eden Tattoo Removal, laser tattoo removal specialists in Sydney, we have the leading technology and expert clinicians who understand your skin and the process of safe and effective laser tattoo removal.

In this article we outline how to safely remove a tattoo to ensure your skin is not put at risk.



Laser tattoo removal is the only option for safe laser tattoo removal when it comes to minimising the risk associated with tattoo removal. It can be confusing when researching laser tattoo removal options with most clinics claiming that their laser is the best. In our article: The Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal – PicoWay Vs NanoSecond, we discuss why NanoSecond lasers are becoming obsolete and how superior the PicoWay laser is in terms of effectiveness, time saved and minimised pain.

Below, we list how you can greatly improve the safety and effectiveness of your laser tattoo removal.

1. Choose The Industry Leading Laser

At Eden Tattoo Removal, we use the PicoWay laser for the best in laser tattoo removal treatment. It is FDA cleared for treating tattoos and it is effective on all tattoo colours and all skin types. It precisely targets the tattoo ink and with its superior performance, shatters ink into tinier particles, making it easier and faster for your body to clear.

2. Use Laser Tattoo Removal Specialists

We specialise in laser tattoo removal and our highly experienced and knowledgeable skin experts keep up to date with the latest medical news and information so your skin is in the best hands.

We offer a free tattoo removal consultation where we assess your skin and your tattoo, ask you questions regarding your health and medications and what your expectations are – you may want to just fade your tattoo so you can update your design, or you may be looking for complete removal – we can help with both. We explain our laser technology and how it works and this is also your opportunity to ask us any questions you have.

3. Check Your Supplements & Medications

There are some medications and supplements that should not be taken during laser tattoo removal treatment. These can be discussed in your consultation and you should always speak to your doctor first before stopping any medication. Following your post-treatment instructions closely will optimise healing.

4. Stop Smoking

Smoking is not recommended during treatment as it impedes your body’s ability to process the ink particles as quickly as it would if you were not smoking.

5. Stop Tanning and Sun Exposure

If you worship the sun, you’ll have to put it on hold during laser tattoo removal – sun or solarium exposure is to be avoided two weeks before and two weeks after treatment. The use of cosmetic tanning products must stop a week before treatment.



A history of seizures (eg. epilepsy), pregnancy, implanted medical devices such as a pacemaker, active skin infections or acne, or a history of being sensitive to infrared light are examples of conditions that make laser tattoo removal unsafe.



The only safe and effective option for tattoo removal is laser tattoo removal and the PicoWay is the market leading laser.

  • The PicoWay gives highly effective treatments with more photoacoustic effect, meaning the least amount of heat transfer to the skin. It precisely targets ink particles ensuring the ink is effectively treated and that the surrounding skin remains unharmed
  • The PicoWay uses unique picosecond (a trillionth of a second) laser technology to deliver fast, comfortable treatments
  • Fewer treatments – FDA cleared for a wide range of tattoos, PicoWay offers better results in fewer treatments for different skin types
  • Fast results – with its ultra-fast delivery of concentrated, high-power energy, PicoWay shatters even the tiniest ink particles making it easier for your body to clear the tattoo ink
  • Minimal discomfort – since PicoWay’s pulses are fast, you’ll feel minimal discomfort throughout the treatment
  • 4 to 6 months tattoo clearance (vs up to 18 months for alternative lasers)
  • 2 to 4 weeks between treatments (vs 6 to 8 weeks for alternative lasers)
  • Ability to treat fresh tattoos

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