How To Remove Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoos Safely & Effectively

Removing cosmetic eyebrow tattoos safely effectivelyGreat eyebrows can have a resounding impact on appearance. Beautiful brows help to define facial features and accentuate the eyes.  With the evolution of feather touch or microblading techniques, tattooed eyebrows, also referred to as permanent or semi-permanent makeup, continues to be a popular cosmetic treatment.

But what if you’ve had cosmetic tattooing and you’re not happy with the result? What if you had your eyebrows tattooed years ago, before microblading was developed, and you want the tattoos removed? Not all cosmetic procedures result in the look that we want. Particularly with tattoos, the result can fade, and the colour can change over time. Find out how to safely and effectively remove unwanted cosmetic tattoos.



Today, the gold standard for tattoo removal is laser. To achieve the right colour and tone, cosmetic tattooing requires different ink pigments to be mixed. This mixing of the pigment makes it difficult to know exactly which colours are being treated. When the ink is treated with the wrong laser, there is a risk that a different colour will remain.

Traditional lasers use mainly photothermal (heat) energy to target the ink. This has the potential to damage the surrounding skin. Additionally, it has the potential to make the cosmetic tattoo go darker or change colour. The colour that remains may not be suitable for further laser treatment.

When it comes to laser tattoo removal for permanent makeup, there is only one laser of choice – the PicoWay laser.



The PicoWay laser is the only true tri-wavelength laser system in the world to safely treat all skin types and all tattoo colours. The photoacoustic effect of the PicoWay means that next to no heat is generated during treatment, making it safe for eyebrow tattoo removal, and less pain than Nanosecond laser removal. It also means only 3 to 4 weeks between treatments, for the fastest removal.

PicoWay Before & After

Cosmetic eyebrow tattoo removal before after

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