How To Choose The Right Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic

Choice of tattoo removal clinic SydneyDisappointed with your current tattoo removal clinic? Some days at Eden Tattoo Removal it feels like damage control – trying to fix the mess of attempted tattoo removal from inexperienced clinics using out-dated techniques and technology. Tattoos have been around for hundreds of years and over that time tattoo techniques have vastly evolved. In the last decade innovative tattoo removal techniques have become available.


At Eden Tattoo Removal, we are specialists in the field of removing tattoos. We are one of Sydney’s most respected clinics and are often approached to take over tattoo removal for people who are unhappy with the results from their current clinic. We have a highly experienced team of clinicians and are continually investing in the top lasers. In this article we discuss the warning signs of a bad clinic and give our top tips on how to choose the right laser tattoo removal clinic.



  • They use old technology or techniques
  • They are a new clinic with no experience and/ or a cheap device
  • No before and after photos to show – this can be a sign that they have caused scarring or failed to remove the tattoo
  • Incredibly cheap – beware – you get what you pay for with medical treatments
  • They can’t answer your questions because they don’t have the knowledge or experience

Out-dated and higher risk options for tattoo removal include surgical excision, dermabrasion, acid removal, Dermapen, IPL and traditional Q-switched laser.

Laser is now considered the gold standard for removing tattoos. At Detail Tattoo Removal we have multiple medical-grade lasers as we are always keeping at the forefront of the industry, but there’s one in particular that we recommend above all others – the PicoWay laser. The PicoWay is the fastest and most comfortable treatment option for removing or fading tattoos.



  • Always visit at least 2 – 3 clinics and ask lots of questions so you can test their knowledge and level of experience. Some questions you can ask:
    • How long they have been operating for?
    • What laser or technique do they use?
    • Are they certified or accredited?
    • Do they have recent before and after photos that you can see?
  • Look for a long-standing clinic with extensive knowledge and training
  • Be wary of clinics that over-promise as tattoo removal is a medical-grade procedure. Like everything medical, you only get what you pay for.
  • Does the clinic have multiple devices? This will show that they are busy and/or upgrade their technology.

Eden Tattoo Removal are tattoo removal specialists in Sydney. We are Sydney’s longest operating and most experienced clinic. We are always happy to help consumers who have been let down by their current clinic, but you need to be aware that the damage done by them, especially if there is scarring involved, can be difficult to improve. Laser tattoo removal is designed to shatter ink in the skin, not re-model scar tissue. If you have scarring concerns, we may be able to help with some of our other skin rejuvenation treatments, simply contact us for a free consultation to discuss your concerns.



At Eden Tattoo Removal, Sydney’s leading tattoo removal clinic, we offer a free consultation so you can have your tattoo analysed, understand the process and what the cost will be. We offer the fastest and most comfortable laser tattoo removal in Sydney.

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