How Tattoo Cover-ups & Laser Tattoo Removal Are Linked

Why tattoo coverups don't workPlanning on updating your tattoo? Before you get re-inked, there are a few things you need to know because a bad cover-up is worse than a bad tattoo. Or worse still, if you are trying to cover-up a name and it shows through your new tattoo, your cover-up will be a complete waste of time and money.

In this article we give our top tips on how to achieve a good cover-up and why laser tattoo removal is an important part of the process.




Plan Your Design

Plan your new tattoo by taking into account the old one. Unless you have your old tattoo completely removed first, you will need both the old and the new tattoo designs to work together. It’s inevitable that some of the old tattoo will be visible, so try to make it blend as well as possible.


Experience Pays Off

Use a tattooist experienced with doing cover-ups. If you use someone inexperienced, they won’t understand how the colours and depth of colours work on cover-ups. You may end up with a patchy, unbalanced mess.


Fade First

Using laser tattoo removal to fade your old tattoo first will achieve a much better cover-up. Fading your old tattoo first will help to avoid your new tattoo being unnaturally dark in places and will help to achieve true colours. It also gives the tattooist more freedom with design.

Different colours fade at different rates and certain lasers won’t have the capability to treat certain colours due to their wavelength. Choose a laser tattoo removal specialist with the best laser technology for faster, cleaner fading.



The PicoWay is the industry leading laser for tattoo removal due to its ultra-fast delivery of concentrated, high-power energy, its comfortable treatments and ability to effectively target the ink so that the surrounding skin remains unharmed. Treatments are fast and recovery time is short.

The PicoWay effectively treats all tattoo colours and is safe to use on all skin types. This powerful laser shatters even the tiniest ink particles making it easier for your body’s immune system to clear the tattoo ink, meaning faster fading.


Although PicoWay is a superior device to the Q-Switch ND:YAG’s, Detail Tattoo Removal will match any clinic’s equivalent series pricing to remove a tattoo.



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