How Soon Can I Remove or Fade a New Tattoo?

How soon can I remove a new tattooHave you ever had that feeling of regret looking at your new tattoo? Or that sickening feeling of looking at your skin with a brand new tattoo and instantly hate it? The list of reasons why people choose to have their tattoo removed is endless, but in this article, we highlight the top 5 reasons that have people coming in to see the PicoWay tattoo removal specialists in Sydney. Roughly a quarter of Australian’s have at least one tattoo and around 30% say that they regret getting a tattoo.

If you regret your ink and you want it removed, the good news is that with the latest PicoWay technology, tattoo removal has never been quicker, easier and more comfortable.



At Eden Tattoo Removal in Sydney, we hear (and see) some pretty good reasons why people want to get their tattoo(s) removed. The reasons that score highest in terms of tattoo regret include:

  • Tattoo was done whilst under the influence
  • Poor design or poor quality
  • Has no meaning
  • Name or face of an ex
  • Tattoo impacts employment or promotion prospects

If you’ve got new ink, you can have it removed or faded sooner than you think.



The PicoWay laser is the latest picosecond technology – the fastest and most powerful laser that is safe to use on all skin types and all tattoo colours. A new tattoo can be treated as soon as the skin has healed. Meaning that you can forget your regret sooner. With only 2-4 weeks needed between treatments, vs 6-8 weeks for traditional Q-switched lasers, you can remove or fade your tattoo faster.

A key difference with the PicoWay vs older lasers is that the PicoWay is faster and more powerful. The energy pulses are measured in picoseconds (a trillionth of a second) vs nanoseconds (a billionth of a second). The PicoWay shatters the ink into much smaller particles, making it easier for your body to clear the ink faster. The ink particles are located and removed from your skin through your body’s natural immune system processes.

Another key difference is that the PicoWay is less painful than older lasers. The PicoWay uses majority sound energy rather than heat. The heat from older lasers causes a lot of pain and can damage the surrounding tissue, leading to longer healing times.

With the PicoWay, you only need 2-4 weeks between treatments and new tattoos can be treated as soon as the skin over your new tattoo has healed, meaning much faster tattoo removal. To see our pricing, simply click on the button below.