Fastest Laser Tattoo Removal in Sydney for Tattoo Regret

Fastest laser tattoo removal in SydneyAre you one of the thousands of people seduced into getting a tattoo while overseas? At our clinic, we have treated many people that were living with tattoo regret after an overseas tattoo parlour took pleasure in tattooing them while intoxicated.

Poor quality and poor choice of tattoo are key motives for people being desperate to delete their tattoo. We explain why the PicoWay and a specialist tattoo removal clinic is the only choice for fast and effective laser tattoo removal.



More than 1 in 4 Australians with tattoos regret getting them. While the optimal time for tattoo removal is as soon as the tattoo heals, most people will not regret their tattoo for some time after having it done. Two of the most common reasons for tattoo regret are; getting a tattoo while intoxicated (leaving room for error with regards to quality and choice of tattoo) and having an ex’s name tattooed. While it is illegal in Australia for a tattoo artist to tattoo an intoxicated client it still happens. Other countries do not have such laws in place, so quite often this will happen while travelling overseas, in which case you will have to wait until you return home to begin the removal process.



A laser system a clinic uses is an important factor but only part of the equation. The other is the experience of the clinician. After all, a tool is only as good as the operator. One of the most important attributes for a tattoo removal clinician is to understand skin response and laser device parameters to achieve the maximum effective threshold, thus ensuring optimum results from each treatment. Here at Eden Tattoo Removal Specialists, we are industry leaders based in Sydney. Our clinicians are Syneron Candela and Laser Safety Officer Certified, and they are also all qualified skin therapists that continue to expand their knowledge with ongoing training. With their extensive knowledge, they can tailor your treatment to your skin type and deliver the fastest results possible for you without damaging your skin. Many technicians do not understand the skins responses or the device parameters and therefore may either under-power or over-power the laser. This means that you may either need more sessions than you need to or you may be left with skin damage and even scarring.



The PicoWay is the fastest tattoo removal laser yet, featuring a tri-wavelength laser to treat all colours. This laser is operates at 300 nanoseconds (ns) shattering the pigments into microscopic pieces for the body to absorb faster. You only need to wait 4 weeks between treatments versus 8-10 for alternative lasers, essentially halving your total removal time.

Previously, patients would have to endure up to 20 sessions with a Q-Switched laser for a tattoo to be removed, with no guarantee of the result. This process was not only painful but it resulted in the treatment course taking much longer, costing more and could even leave scars. The PicoWay delivers desired results faster and with less pain. It is easy to see why this new, advanced technology is the most popular laser treatment for removing tattoos.

The PicoWay laser works by sending a high intensity, but very short energy pulse into the skin. The shockwave shatters the pigment into tiny fragments. The pigment is then processed and eliminated from the body.



If you are sick of living with tattoo regret, call our expert team today on (02) 8020 5819 to book your free consultation. Our tattoo removal specialist will analyse your tattoo and recommend a treatment plan with a quote.