Can You Get Laser Tattoo Removal On Your Face?

How to remove face tattoosTattoos are now widely accepted in society, however the negative stigma around face tattoos still remains. Face and neck tattoos impact employment opportunities, and until now, come with a host of unsavoury stereotypes.

The regret of having an unwanted tattoo is bad enough. Being able to hide it with clothing makes it slightly more bearable. Having an unwanted tattoo on your face… right there for everyone to see, can be insufferable. If you’re wanting to remove your face or neck tattoo, then yes, you can use laser tattoo removal to get rid of it. Here’s what to expect.



If you’ve had PicoWay laser tattoo removal on your body before, you will have an idea of the mild discomfort to expect, although the skin on the face is more sensitive than on other parts of the body. There is very little fat to cushion the face and you are likely to feel the treatment more on your face. At Eden Tattoo Removal, we provide topical anaesthesia cream for anyone requiring it.



One of the main concerns that people have when removing facial or scalp tattoos is wondering if they will be left with bald patches. Laser technology has advanced so much and is so targeted that tattoos can be removed from areas that grow hair without permanently damaging the hair follicles. If you are wanting to remove your tattoo and not your hair, be sure to choose the right clinic, an experienced and reputable clinic who have invested in the latest laser technology. At Eden Tattoo Removal, we use the most advanced PicoWay laser for the best tattoo removal.



If you have an unwanted face or neck tattoo that was done “at home” rather than at a professional tattoo clinic, you will find that you will need fewer laser sessions to remove the tattoo, sometimes a single session is all that is required. This is due to the quality of the ink and the depth of it in the skin. DIY or at home tattoos typically use inferior quality ink and the ink rarely gets as deep in the skin as a professional tattoo.

A professional face or neck tattoo will on average need 4-6 treatments to achieve clearance.



Laser tattoo removal works by targeting the pigment in the tattoo ink and shattering it into minuscule particles. The body then eliminates the particles of ink through its natural waste system. Tattoos nearer to the heart clear quicker than those on the extremities. Due to the large vascular system connected to the head and neck, tattoos typically fade faster on these areas. The benefit being faster tattoo clearance.



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