6 Reasons Why Tattoo Removal Fails

6 reasons why laser tattoo removal fails sydneyIn some cases, tattoo removal can, and does fail, however the good news is that failure is completely avoidable when you know what to look out for. Compare a Barina driven by your grandmother to an Audi driven by a professional driver – the performance is vastly different. Similarly, the power and speed of a laser coupled with the experience and qualifications of the clinician varies dramatically between clinics. 

We explain the top 6 reasons why tattoo removal fails and how you can ensure a successful laser tattoo removal experience.



1. Inferior / wrong laser

What many people don’t realise is that many lasers don’t actually have the ability to treat all colours and all skin types. Darker skin tones are at a higher risk of burns and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation if the wrong laser is used. Scarring can occur from the wrong type of laser. With multi-coloured tattoos, some colours may not be cleared if the laser does not have the correct wavelength to treat that particular colour. Before the tri-wavelength PicoWay, blue and green inks were two of the most difficult tattoo colours to remove.

The PicoWay is cutting-edge laser technology with three different wavelengths (532nm, 785nm and 1064nm), to treat multiple colours at the same time. The PicoWay boasts the first ever and only 785nm wavelength for picosecond laser, enabling optimal treatment to safely and rapidly remove multi-coloured tattoos.

2. Inexperienced clinician

The risk of failure is high with an inexperienced clinician who does not understand skin anatomy or laser parameters for tattoo removal. Having a laser safety certified, qualified and experienced skin therapist will optimise your result. Detail clinicians understand how your skin will respond to laser treatment, taking into account your skin type and condition, where your tattoo is located, size and colour, among other factors. Device parameters are set to achieve the Maximum Effective Threshold, to ensure every treatment gets results.

3. DIY attempted first

When “do it yourself” or at-home remedies are attempted first as a way of cost saving, it often ends up costing more in the long run. Salabrasion (where salt and an abrasive device are used to essentially sand away the skin – a long and painful process) causes significant trauma to the skin, risking infection. Scarring is the most likely outcome. Once the skin is scarred, it becomes much more difficult to correct with laser tattoo removal.

4. Scarring from other laser treatment

Blisters and excessive bleeding should not result after laser tattoo removal. Blisters mean too much fluence (or energy) has been used and excessive heat has been absorbed by the tissue. This results in surface and sub-dermal scarring. Expert laser operators understand the correct protocols to set the right amount of energy. Unprofessional operators turn up the fluence beyond what is required and cause more damage than benefit.

A scar should not be left post tattoo clearance. Safe and professional tattoo removal means the skin is left undamaged with the tattoo ink cleared. Scarring that occurs post treatment means the clinic has over-treated with incorrect parameters.

5. Lack of customer care

If a clinic lets you leave with a bleeding or undressed treatment area, you may have chosen the wrong clinic. If the clinic can’t answer your questions or give you the information to make you feel comfortable, you should get a second opinion. At Detail Tattoo Removal, customer care and education during consultation, treatment and post-treatment are our priorities.

6. No treatment guarantee

Many clinics sell treatments at a cheap rate per treatment, but won’t guarantee the number of treatments you will need, as they bank on you coming back time and time again, due to lack of results. The two most common reasons a clinic can get away with this is that the laser system was not designed for tattoo removal or the operator is using low fluence to increase the number of treatments so you are paying more in the long run. At Eden Tattoo Removal, we guarantee the most you will ever pay is for 10 treatments, with many tattoos needing less than 10 treatments for removal.

At Eden Tattoo Removal we offer Zip Money Payment Plans:

  • 6 Months Interest Free for tattoos under $10,000
  • 12 Months Interest Free for tattoos over $10,000
  • Easy finance within 10 minutes.



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