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Eden Tattoo Removal Liverpool is one of our busiest laser tattoo removal clinics, located on level 2 of the popular Westfield Liverpool shopping centre. There are two Eden Laser Clinics in the centre, both on the same floor; our laser tattoo removal services are offered at Shop 279, which is located next to Anytime Fitness.Eden Tattoo Removal - Westfield Liverpool map

Affordable Laser Tattoo Removal in Liverpool

The cost for removing tattoos in Liverpool is consistent with other Sydney suburbs; generally speaking, from around $100 for very small tattoos, up to many thousands of dollars for large, complex tattoos. Due to this broad price range, we have found the best way to confirm the cost of removing your tattoo is via an initial consultation with our trained clinicians. During this free appointment, we’ll assess key factors such as the tattoo size and colour(s) to determine how many treatments will be needed.

This information will then be used to determine the price you should expect to pay for having your tattoo removed.

While some tattoo removal clinics may offer cheap laser tattoo removal, it’s important to understand the risks associated with such service offerings. Since the tattoo removal industry is not closely regulated – and because cheap laser tattoo removal devices can be purchased for less than $20,000 – the barrier for entry is very low.

Laser tattoo removal Liverpool in Westfield
This has resulted in an increasing number of inexperienced laser tattoo removal operators trying to cash-in on the growing trend… sometimes with terrible scarring results.

This is why we encourage consumers to perform due diligence before committing to any tattoo removal treatment. When dealing with matters of your skin, you want to be sure you’re considering factors beyond the treatment cost alone!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Our clients often have many questions about the laser tattoo removal process. Below are some of the more common questions we receive:

Generally speaking, the pain of removing your tattoo will be less than the pain of having it applied. Of course, everyone's pain threshold is different - and the pain will vary (in both cases) based on where the tattoo is located on your body.

Your tattoo will also be removed faster than the time it took to get the tattoo.

Some clients have compared the feeling of laser tattoo removal to the sensation of being flicked with a rubber band. Others have said it feels like oil splashing on the skin while cooking.

Eden Tattoo Removal try to reduce tattoo removal pain as much as possible, including the use of topical anesthesia creams for clients who are concerned of the pain upfront. This process requires approximately one hour of preparation time, prior to the treatment.
Laser tattoo removal devices have come a long way in recent years. Older CO2 lasers would create a burn which disrupted the ink, creating an injury which resulted in a skin trauma. This injury would then become scabbed, with the ink being removed from the body with the scab. While the method effectively removed tattoos, it was not a pleasant experience!

The devices used by Eden (PicoWay) use the latest laser technology to fracture the ink into tiny particles. These particles are then eliminated via your body’s immune system.

Additionally, our clinicians are certified and highly trained to ensure they match your skin with the correct device settings, minimising any chance of scarring.

NOTE: Laser tattoo removal uses a powerful medical grade laser and it's almost impossible to identify all the different types of inks. Inexperienced operators may configure the device incorrectly, causing inks to react to the laser... resulting in skin reactions. We have found textural changes can occur in the skin after healing, in less than 2% of cases.

When your tattoo is being removed by the laser, you will experience a white frosted crust on the treatment area. It is also natural to have some level redness & swelling... in rare cases, this may result in blisters forming because this is the body's natural healing process.

At Eden, we're focused on your skin health as much as your tattoo. Therefore, we will perform a test patch on large tattoos and check in with you after two days to see if there are any implications. Lastly, after the treatment, we will apply a gel wound dressing, and apply Bepanthen to assist with the healing process.
The person operating the laser will be one our expertly-trained, certified skin therapists. All our clinicians are put through comprehensive training in the use of our laser systems, which includes significant hands-on clinical training.

Not all laser tattoo removal clinics provide this level of training for their operators. But at Eden we believe it is highly advantageous for our clinicians to be certified skin therapists, so they understand the science behind the impact of lasers upon human skin.

You can see more frequently asked questions on our FAQ page.

Suburbs Near Liverpool

If you are looking for the best laser tattoo removal in Liverpool, Eden Tattoo Removal Liverpool should be on your list of options! Some of our clients also travel from suburbs near Liverpool, such as:

  • Warwick Farm
  • Liverpool West
  • Ashcroft
  • Cartwright
  • Mount Pritchard
  • Moorebank
  • Cabramatta

Other Skin Treatments

The Eden Laser Clinics group provide other skin care treatments beyond tattoo removal. So we encourage you to ask about our other services, if you feel they could be of use:

  • Acne scar removal
  • Chemical peels
  • Cosmetic injectables
  • Diffused redness reduction
  • Facials
  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Melasma management
  • Micro-dermabrasion
  • Pigmentation removal
  • SkinPen micro-needling
  • Skin tightening
  • Spider vein removal
  • Stretch mark removal

Next Steps

Getting started is easy!

When you’re ready to take the first step towards getting rid of an unwanted tattoo, just book an appointment on this page, or call our office on 02 8020 5803.

We’ll be happy to answer any tattoo removal questions you may have, and help you every step of the way for your peace of mind.