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You want your tattoo removed or faded in the shortest time possible, with the least amount of pain and recovery, then you have come to the right place. PicoWay is the most powerful and fastest laser in the world and the only system that has 3 wave lengths to treat all tattoos including colour.

At Eden Skin Clinics, we are so confident with our PicoWay – the best picosecond technology – it is the only technology we use for laser tattoo removal. See our tattoo removal Sydney cost and pricing.

The PicoWay is the latest generation device that can make your tattoo disappear up to a year faster than a Q-Switch ND: YAG machine. It allows our highly trained clinicians to treat all colours in the shortest time possible, with the shortest recovery time between treatments. Trust the tattoo removal specialists who have been operating since 2010. See picoway laser tattoo removal before and after photos.

PicoWay Sydney - Laser Tattoo Removal

7 Key Advantages of the PicoWay System

  1. Fastest 300 picosecond pulse in the world – 532nm @ 375 picosecond, 785nm @ 300 picosecond, 1064nm @ 450 picosecond
  2. High peak power – energy shatters pigment ink into miniscule fragments achieving average tattoo removal in 5-8 treatments
  3. Only True Tri-wavelength Laser System in the world – all 3 wavelengths 1064 nm, 785 nm & 532 nm perform in the picosecond range to treat all tattoo colours and skin types
  4. Photoacoustic Energy– Next to no heat means only 3-4 week treatment interval
  5. 4-6 months tattoo clearance– Less treatments and less recovery time
  6. Less pain than Nanosecond Laser
Tattoo Removal Sydney

Choosing Sydney’s Best Laser Tattoo Removal Company

We strongly advise you to research and visit a few clinics before making your final decision on the clinic you choose to perform your treatment. Price should only form a small part of why you choose the clinic. Professionalism, honesty and expert advice is as important, if not more important. If you choose the cheapest price, it can often become an expensive mistake in the long term. Look for a clinic with a strong reputation, happy customers and a commitment to service

Reasons to Choose Eden Skin Clinics for Tattoo Removal

  1. Eden clinicians are Syneron-Candela and Laser Safety Officer Certified
  2. Eden clinicians are all qualified skin therapists
  3. Extensive expert training on models before performing treatment on clients
  4. Eden clinicians understand skin response and device parameters to achieve the Maximum Effective Threshold, to ensure each treatment gets results
  5. Ongoing clinical training with industry expert medical practitioners
  6. Client care and education during consultation, treatment and post-treatment
  7. PicoWay is the leading tattoo removal technology
  8. Price match to ensure you get the best pricing
  9. 80% of clients achieve tattoo clearance between 6-8 treatments
  10. Finance options available

Professionalism | Honesty | Expert Advice

Free Tattoo Analysis – Get Personalised Information

The best way to have your ink assessed is by one of our qualified dermal clinicians. We offer a free tattoo analysis where we can give you personalised information for you and your tattoo.

From this, you will know how many treatments are needed, a written quote with cost and specific information you will need to follow before, during and after your sessions. This gives you piece of mind that you know the total cost to remove your black ink.

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Tattoo removal in Sydney

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Photos of clients having their tattoos removed by laser over time - 6 photos per client

Why Eden Tattoo Removal Specialists?

  • FDA Approved
  • TGA Listed
  • Price Match Policy
  • Qualified Practitioners
  • Multiple Sydney Locations

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