Detail Tattoo Removal “Sam” was fantastic to deal with. Highly recommended at service. Thanks again Travis

Very impressed by the work they did. They removed tattoo quicker than i thought it would take. Nada was a legend.

Lauren Knight

Just had to right a review to say how happy and pleased i am with the results of my tattoo since having it lasered off at this salon. Ive been having my tattoo lasered for well over a year now and have had such a bad experience previously because ive come out with massive blisters and the recovery process has been so long. Since having it done at this salon with Sammi i cant believe how different it has been for me, iv’e dramatically seen the change in the tattoo and how much it has faded. I never have one blister from all the sessions ive had and it recovers so well. In a matter of weeks it’s healed and ready to have another session which is amazing as means i can have it done more frequently to get rid of the tattoo without damaging my skin.

Gary Yarto Fleming

Got a terrible tattoo a few years back, wasn’t sure how the best way was to go about it and get it removed, had a few consultations else where and they didnt inspire me with confidence that they would firstly remove it without scaring or could completely removed, but after speaking to Sammi and showing me first hand on herself that the treatment 100% works I booked in and after 10 sessions(only paid for 6)the tattoo was completely removed and zero scaring. Amazing job and fantastic service and I have since recommended more friends with bad tats to the salon

I am having Picoway treatment done on my tattoos and it is amazing. Forget other Pico machines, Picoway really helps with scars and Grace is amazing. I would highly recommend this place, this machine and Grace.

Lovely work by Sammy. Almost finished but the bulk is pretty much gone. Recommended to anyone a trustworthy business!*


Nadia is fantastic with my laser tattoo removal and eyebrow makeover (threading, colouring and shaping). All the staff at the counter are always super friendly. Thank you!


I am undergoing tattoo removal treatment with Samantha and have always found her and all staff I have dealt with very pleasant, bubbly and very professional. The customer experience for me is always exceptional.

Kailah West

I contacted Details for advice on tattoo removal. I had previously had my tattoo removed through other clinics on 20 plus occasion with all sessions being painful and 4 week recovery time. My tattoo was heavily scarred from previous treatments and my skin was damaged and beyond what I thought could be treated further. My consultation was with Nadia she was experienced and gave me complete confidence that Details could remove my tattoo completely within the paid treatments and what a bonus anything after the paid treatments was free till completion. I commenced treatment immediately after a test patch was done and was treated 8 times. My tattoo was fully removed and my scarring was treated in the process too. All round I was completely satisfied with the treatment and professionalism on every single visit. Details offered the most advance treatment the Picoway machine was non invasive and almost painless. It was fast my treatment was completed in seconds with no down time. I would highly recommend Details not only for Tattoo removal.


I frequented here a while back for some tattoo removal and was looked after by the lovely Sammy. Her and all the staff were super friendly and made my experience there top notch every time. Very much recommended.